The OpenAir Third Birthday scrapbook: Keefer Fulgham

(Photo: courtesy of Keefer Fulgham)

With OpenAir's Third Birthday on Oct. 31 approaching, the OpenAir staff looks back on some of their favorite memories at Colorado Public Radio's new music service, and looks ahead to the future.

photo: Keefer Fulgham
Dave "Keefer" Fulgham at his first radio gig

It was my first radio gig, the year was 1982. I was the night guy at WLRW, a Top 40 station in Champaign-Urbana, Ill.

Since then I’ve worked at the smallest mom and pop outlets and the world’s biggest broadcast group. I’ve worked Album Oriented Rock, Classic Rock, and Adult Alternative.

Along the way I’ve always been asked by listeners, (and I even did some questioning myself, which never endeared me to my corporate bosses), why do you play what you play?

Listeners say:

“Do you know Lou Reed has more songs than just 'Walk on the Wild Side'?"

“How come you only play 'Rock the Casbah' and 'Should I Stay or should I Go?'"

"I love 'Brown Eyed Girl,' but if I hear it one more time…”

"How come I don’t hear (insert your favorite new band here) on your station?”

Or, “I’d give you money not to hear that one commercial ever, ever, again.”

Well there is a place that understands your frustration and, yeah, you can give them your money.

Welcome to OpenAir.

OpenAir, and like-minded music services around the country, remember when radio was exciting, exotic, and adventurous. Caution was jettisoned to the wind. OpenAir is the place where Son House and Beach House, Led Zeppelin and Leadbelly, or Damien Jurado and Damon Albarn, play side by side.

We are truly the little station that could. And as we get ready to pop the top on our third Birthday, thanks for being part of the ride.