Three hospitals agree to treat any Ebola patients in Colorado

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
<p>Children&#039;s Hospital in Denver, Colorado.</p>

Three Colorado hospitals have agreed to handle cases of Ebola if any are diagnosed in the state.

The state health department says Denver Health, Children’s Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado Hospital say they’re ready to provide the higher level of care for a patient with Ebola.

“We want to focus our efforts on a couple of hospitals to sort of be that second rung on the ladder to provide care to those who are suspected to have contracted Ebola, or confirmed,” says Dr. Larry Wolk, the state’s chief medical officer.

He says all hospitals and health providers in the state need to be prepared to identify, screen and provide initial treatment of any Ebola patients that walk in their doors.

But the three major hospitals will be prepared to provide longer-term treatment.

Ebola patients identified in Colorado could potentially be moved to one of four highly-specialized hospitals in other states, the closest being in Nebraska.

The state has also set up a special Ebola hotline and website.