Halloween pot-candy scare baseless so far

Photo: Marijuana candy (AP Photo)
A Maryland police department says it has seized several boxes of candy infused with marijuana. Police said Friday that the candy came to the area from the West Coast and Colorado, and includes taffy and chocolate bars.

Police in Colorado have warned parents to look out for pot-laced Halloween candy. But parents don't seem too worried.

A Denver-based testing company offered 1,000 free kits to parents wanting to screen their trick-or-treaters' haul for marijuana's psychoactive chemical. Only 45 parents took CB Scientific up on the offer.

There have been no reported cases of people slipping marijuana to unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, in Colorado or in any state. But the popularity of pot candies in the new retail market in Colorado prompted warnings this fall from police in Denver, Fort Collins and Pueblo.

As of midday on Halloween, Denver Police and the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center reported no calls about marijuana in Halloween candy.