Across Colorado, voters head to the polls

Photo: Boulder County Voters 2014
Voters complete their ballots inside a polling center at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's office on Election Day 2014.

Early voter tallies suggest that at least 1.6 million people in Colorado have voted in this year's midterm elections, according to the Colorado Secretary of State office. That includes more than 636,000 Republican votes and about 519,000 Democratic votes.

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Democrats are hoping for a late surge of voters that could close that partisan gap. On Monday, Democrat Mark Udall reassured supporters that the “late vote overwhelmingly benefits Democrats.”

Meanwhile, people are using social media to promote their candidates, as well as the civic value of voting.

Learning about the importance of #covote at a young age. Find your drop-off #copolitics

BIG line at Auraria, dozens of students waiting to vote. #gogogo #covote #copolitics #coleg

Campaign for a Strong Colorado, whose partners include Planned Parenthood and Colorado Progressive Action, encouraged voters to take a selfie with the hashtag "#rollupyoursleeve."

Just dropped off my ballot. @DenverElections voter service centers are fantastic. #rollupyoursleeves #copolitics

NARALColorado staff want you to #rollupyoursleeves #rollupyoursleeve and vote for #prochoice candidates! #copolitics

And republican supporters are tweeting pictures of campaign signs for their candidates.

Team Coffman and Team Gardner are rallying in the cold at Arapahoe and University #COpolitics

Lone Tree is fired up to see @CoryGardner out sign waving on Election Day #copolitics

Polls close at 7 p.m. Tuesday, and CPR News will be providing live coverage beginning at 6 p.m.