Colo. voters prefer to mail their ballots

Photo: Mail in ballots Election 2014
Ballots envelopes sit in a bin inside a polling center at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's office on Election Day 2014.

Polls opened Tuesday in Colorado, though many people chose to mail in their ballots or fill them out at home.

Jake Schubert of Littleton was dropping off his ballot at the Jefferson County South Service Center this morning. He says the convenience of voting on your own time is the main draw for him.

“(My wife and I) just like it - we just like being able to do it at home, doing the research there,” Schubert says. “I know you kind of have as much time as you want but it’s easier to do it that way, fill it out while you’re completing the - while you’re doing the research, while you’re doing the form and being able to think about it on your own time which is nice.”

Stephanie Oberg, another voter in Littleton says that filling in her ballot ahead of time convenient and is also a good way to expose her children to the process of voting.

“This way, my kids at the island in the kitchen were participating in what my husband and I were choosing…” Oberg says. “My husband and I together both can sit together and talk about the topics. It’s different than standing (in the voting center). I don’t know. Having it right out in front of you and doing it together involving family at home just seems more simple than standing inside there.”

Polls are open until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, when the end of a hotly contested election will be decided.