Problems with some election computers resolved

Photo: Arapahoe County Election website
Earlier on Tuesday, Nov. 4, the Arapahoe County’s voter information website was temporarily unavailable.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office says two computer problems in the state's election network have been resolved. A statewide ballot tracking system and Arapahoe County’s voter information website were both temporarily down Tuesday morning.

Secretary of State spokesman Andrew Cole couldn’t say what caused those problems, but he said overall Colorado’s Election Day is going smoothly.

"I think it’s going well otherwise, the reports we’re seeing, the folks we’re talking to, is that it’s busy out there so folks are out and voting, which is great," Cole said.

The affected Arapahoe County page includes information on where to drop off ballots and was out of service at least twice Tuesday morning.

County officials say the outside vendor that operates the site was adding more servers to handle the demand.

The Denver Post reported that a statewide computer system used to verify voter registration was briefly out of service Tuesday morning but was back online.

The system checks the registration of people requesting ballots in person and confirms they haven't already cast a ballot.

Voters still have until 7 p.m. to find a ballot drop-off site, get a new ballot if necessary, or register to vote.