Where’s that Denver mural bouncing around Twitter? 37th and Downing

(Photo: Courtesy Gamma)
<p>A street mural by the Denver artist Gamma symbolizes the Latin-American Day of the Dead holiday. It&#039;s at 37th and Downing. </p>

Large scale Street Art mural in Denver, CO pic.twitter.com/Pz6Cz2Aq4V

A fan-run Twitter account of the infamous graffiti artist Banksy tweeted the above image to its 800,000 followers late Wednesday. That sparked more than 1,000 retweets and an online conversation about the mural's location.

@thereaIbanksy Anyone know where this is in Denver? #streetart

A quick reverse-image search uncovered the image's source: Gamma, Denver-based muralist. He describes himself as well-known in the region, "depending on who you ask."

He said the mural, located at 37th and Downing, was completed earlier this week and symbolizes Día de los Muertos -- the Day of the Dead. The model is Xencs L. Wing of Denver.

Gamma says he found out about the tweet after a string of text messages from friends.

If you're looking for more of Gamma's work, check out 20th and Sherman near the state Capitol.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said the Twitter account in question was run by the real Banksy. The account is managed by fans of the artist.