New, $623M Saint Joseph’s is Denver’s first downtown hospital in 20 years

Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver
The new Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver opens Saturday.

One of Colorado’s oldest hospitals moves to a brand new facility Saturday.

The new Saint Joseph's will be the largest hospital built in Colorado since the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in 2007, and the first to be built in downtown Denver in almost two decades.

It will be a short distance from old to new, as well: The $623 million building at 19th and Lafayette is right next door to the original Saint Joseph's, and will stand on land that was once home to Children’s Hospital, before it relocated to Aurora.

“We’re replacing a 1910, a 1932 and a 1964 building," says Bain Farris, president and CEO of Saint Joseph. "You have a 21st Century facility that in every way is equipped and modern to meet the patients of today.”

Neo-natal intensive care room at Saint Joseph Hospital
Dr. Shawn Dufford, the Chief Medical Officer at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver shows off a new room in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The new hospital will have 360 private patient rooms and an entire floor devoted to women’s health, including the delivery of babies.

Saint Joseph's Vice President of Mission, Sister Melissa Camardo, says that’s important since the hospital has been there for 140 years. “Remaining downtown made sense because we want to be part of the economic engine of this community,” says Camardo.