Russian film inspired by Colorado news story gets Oscar nod

Aleksey Serebryakov appears in a scene from the film, "Leviathan." The film was nominated for an Oscar Award for best foreign language feature on Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015.

maliciously drove an armored bulldozer through his own city has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Leviathan,” directed by Russia’s Andrey Zvyagintsev, received an Oscar nomination on Thursday following a win at the Golden Globe Awards for “Best Foreign Film” earlier in the week. It is one of five nominees in the foreign-language film category.

"Leviathan" is not set in Colorado. But Zvyagintsev says he drew inspiration for his film from the story of Marvin Heemeyer, a Granby man who, in 2004, planned an attack on his city after a major zoning dispute.

Heemeyer, a 52-year-old car mechanic at the time, drove an armored bulldozer through the mountain town, damaging or destroying 13 buildings. Following his destructive course, which appeared to target people involved in the zoning decision, Heemeyer shot and killed himself.

Zvyagintsev's movie follows a small-town Russian fisherman named Alexey Serebyakov, who owns an auto-repair shop. Serebyakov fights back when a corrupt mayor attempts to take possession of his business, land and home.

The Academy Awards airs Feb. 22.