Colo. authors share their love of South Asian literature

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Photo: Book Club: Jones, Heller, and Thorpe
Colorado authors Lisa Jones, Peter Heller and Helen Thorpe.

For centuries, books have been a vessel that carries readers to exotic and far away lands.

For this month's edition of Book Club, a literary discussion series produced by CPR’s arts bureau and Colorado Matters, award-winning Colorado authors Peter Heller, Helen Thorpe and Lisa Jones discuss three books that succeeded in transporting their minds to the Indian subcontinent.​

Thorpe, like the others, revels in Indian novelist Arundhati Roy's approach to her writing.

"Their language is so rich and playful," Thorpe says of Roy's "The God of Small Things." "It feels really different to me than other forms of English that I read."

Jones read "The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing" by Mira Jacob, while Heller chose Michael Ondaatje's novel "The Cat’s Table."