Colorado Senate moves to loosen renewable energy requirements


A new bill that would require Colorado to get less of their power from renewable sources won preliminary approval Tuesday in the state Senate.

Under current law, Xcel and Black Hills Energy have to get 30 percent of their power from wind, solar, and other renewable sources in the next five years. Smaller electrical associations must get 20 percent.

This bill would reduce that requirement to 15 percent for most utilities.

Grand Junction Republican Senator Ray Scott says Colorado has already been successful in promoting renewable energy, but doing more would cost rate payers.

Senate Democrats argue that the price of renewables is becoming competitive with other energy sources and makes economic sense in the long run.

"They shield us from future price spikes from other fuels," added Senator Matt Jones of Louisville.

The renewable energy rollback bill faces a final vote in the Senate before heading to the House, where it is likely to be voted down.