Chart: Yes, Colorado is warmer than normal for February

Photo: Colorado high February temperatures 2015
Data from the National Weather Service's Boulder office.

February's weather is indeed warmer than normal, according the National Weather Service. In fact, we're currently more than 12 degrees above the average February temperature of 31 degrees.

But that's not reason to believe that we're about to set any records, said Meteorologist Frank Cooper. Especially because we're only 10 days into the month.

"A lot of times you'll see that really level off. Maybe by the end of the month, we're either normal or one or two degrees above normal," Cooper said.

And though the warmth may have melted some snowpack, more storms are expected to move in later Tuesday.

"We're warmer than normal, but if it were warmer than normal and we had prolonged drought conditions, it would be more of a concern. But it hasn't been that way the entire season," said Cooper.

By Tuesday night, forecasters expect cooler temperatures and a chance of snow.