GOP lawmaker wants a more efficient bear hunting season

Saying he's concerned about increasing contacts between bears and humans, Republican state Rep. Yuelin Willet is sponsoring legislation that would shorten bear-hunting season by three months, focus it on summer and fall months and make it legal to use liquid scent as bait. From HB15-1099:

Currently, it is illegal to hunt or take black bears from March 1 through September 1. This period is changed to begin on November 1 and end on July 31. A general-purpose hunt is established from August 1 to August 31. The parks and wildlife commission may authorize black-bear hunting from September 1 to October 31. The bill clarifies that the use of scents is not baiting.

Willett says the use of scent will help hunters get close enough to bears to make sure they're not killing mothers. He also says allowing bear hunting during August, September, and October would be more productive for controlling the bear population.