Ex-DEA heads back marijuana lawsuit against Colorado

(Photo: CPR/Irvin Coffee)
<p>An array of marijuana plants in a Boulder grow. </p>

Nine former Drug Enforcement Administration leaders want the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn recreational marijuana laws in Colorado.

The group filed a brief Thursday to support Nebraska and Oklahoma in their lawsuit against the state, according to their legal representation.

“The impact of Colorado's legalization has already resulted in damages to other states, higher marijuana use by students, higher emergency room admissions and increased highway fatalities due to drivers testing positive for marijuana within Colorado," former DEA head Peter Bensinger said.

In 2013, eight of the former DEA leaders wanted the federal government to stop recreational marijuana laws before they were implemented.

Current DEA head Michele Leonhart said last year that agency was troubled by the increase in marijuana trafficking in states surrounding Colorado.

In January, Attorney General Cynthia Coffman told Colorado Matters that "coming after Colorado" because the federal government hasn't enforced federal law regarding marijuana is "a rather absurd" outcome. She vowed to defend Colorado's law.