Gallery: At CSU-Pueblo, building a new clavichord for a Baroque festival

· Feb. 19, 2015, 9:27 pm
Photo: CSU-Pueblo clavichord 6(Photo: Zahari Metchkov)
A scene from the construction of a clavichord at CSU-Pueblo. 

Colorado State University-Pueblo inaugurates a brand new clavichord on Saturday. This is a delicate, keyboard instrument especially popular during the Renaissance and baroque era, like a small rectangular harpsichord with a very soft voice.

The unveiling is the highlight of the Pueblo Keyboard Arts Festival, which celebrates Baroque music Saturday. 

What makes this instrument so special? It was crafted right at the school by four students and Assistant Music Professor Zahari Metchkov, who's also Artistic Director of the Pueblo Keyboard Arts Festival.

 "Students participated in every aspect of the process all the while learning the specifics of the instrument itself and how the construction relates to keyboard playing from harpsichord to the modern piano," Metchkov said.

Saturday's festival runs from 2 to 7 p.m. at the CSU-Pueblo's Hoag Recital HallThe schedule includes a discussion about the construction of this clavichord plus a demonstration of how it sounds.  There's a master class for strings and keyboard, plus a concert at the end including this brand new clavichord. All events are free.

Here's a look at the construction of the new clavichord: 

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