New app finds local food in Colorado Springs area

A new app for Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region promises to get residents in touch with locally grown produce, Fox 21 reported Thursday. The Local Food App connects users with people growing and preparing local food within 67 miles of the Pikes Peak region.

Restaurants using local food can offer deals on the app for potential customers, said the owner of Vrello LLC, a mobile app developer.

One business owner told the station why he likes the app:

Lyn Harwell the founder of Seed's Community Cafe is excited about this new program.

"There is a need there is a want desire to really connect with local food and connect it to people, it’s about connecting with people and using local food to do that, this app is just incredible," Harwell said.

Once Lyn started using it, he discovered a few new places selling local food he had no idea existed until he used the app.

"The question was asked do you know where to source local tomatoes right now, and I said no there is no place, and the answer was nope your wrong, its right here. And there it was, it was right in Black Forest and I didn't even know it," Harwell said.

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