Got $519.80? You could stay in Aspen for a night

It's getting more expensive to spend a couple of nights in the Western mountain resorts, reports the Aspen Times. Within the past two seasons, demand has increased substantially while supply remained almost the same. Check out the numbers below:

The average daily rate charged by lodging properties in Aspen was by far the highest in Colorado during January..Aspen’s average was $519.80 per night. Vail was a distant second at $443.57, according to the Rocky Mountain Lodging Report prepared by the Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association.

Aspen’s rate increased $32.12, or about 6.5 percent, from the prior January, the report said. DestiMetrics’ research showed the average daily rate in Aspen from August through January — which included the fall offseason as well as the busy holiday period — was $378, up 3.2 percent from the year before.