Number of homeless vets in Fort Collins jumps

The number of homeless veterans in Fort Collins rose from 15 in 2014 to 32 this year, the Coloradoan reports.

A survey released Wednesday shows there are 301 homeless residents in the city, up from 289 last year and 250 the year before.

Now armed with three years of data on homelessness, Homeward 2020 Director Vanessa Fenley said service providers, policy makers and the city can begin targeting where the change is needed — something called for in Fort Collins where homeless issues last year reached an apparent boiling point.

"That is not an unmanageable number," Fenley said of the 301 people surveyed this year. The biggest hurdles stems from a lack of affordable housing options in a market that continues to push low-income people to its fringes. "I think sometimes homelessness feels like a huge issue."

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