Frozen ‘snowga’ takes the yoga world by storm

As if hot, sweaty yoga wasn't enough, the New York Times reports that many yogis are taking their practice to the frigid outdoors. With coats, showshoes, and ski poles, teachers promise that even the less flexible have a better shot at some poses.

In fact, founder Anne Anderson, who now lives in Vail, says that yoga can resemble skiing.

Ms. Anderson pointed out that yoga’s chair pose is essentially skiing’s racing tuck. “Eagle wings,” her variation of a pose with arms out, forming a T-shape, helps students figure out where to distribute their weight on skis and helps with turning. They try it on a groomed trail without poles. (Ms. Anderson recently moved to Vail, where she is hoping to resume teaching snowga.)

On twitter, it seems that some in Colorado have already taken to practicing the sport on their own.