Colorado Springs NAACP office shuts down

The NAACP's Colorado Springs chapter is "unable to operate" until at least the end of May because it can no longer pay dues to the national office, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports. Branch president Henry Allen Jr. said he's seeking help from the organization's headquarters in complying with its rules.

The announcement has highlighted a division between past and current presidents of the local affiliate, and infighting appears to have been brewing for more than two years, branch leaders said.

Allen, who became president in January 2013, said he does not know how many members are a part of his branch, because the former secretary has refused to give him a membership roster.

Allen accused that secretary of mailing out election notices last year to people who supported former president Rosemary Harris-Lytle. No election was held, and he sent a letter to the national organization Friday requesting help.

The secretary resigned the following day, Allen said.

The branch made national news earlier this year when an explosion went off near its office. The man arrested for the crime told investigators he had a "different motive" than an attack on the NAACP.