Jeb Bush visits presidential battleground Colorado

<p>(AP Photo)</p>
<p>Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush campaigned in Georgia in March.</p>

Possible 2016 Presidential candidate Jeb Bush is in Colorado Springs right now visiting veterans & military leaders.

Potential Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is visiting swing state Colorado to have breakfast with military veterans and host a town hall about energy development.

In Colorado Springs, he stopped at an International House of Pancakes where he also addressed how he identified himself as Hispanic on a Miami voter registration form. Bush said he made a mistake and he's "not sure what the big deal is."

He added that he'll elaborate on his foreign policy views should he become a presidential candidate.

Bush plans to go to a downtown Denver hotel in the afternoon to speak to employees from energy companies.

Bush's Right to Rise political action committees

Bush is in Colorado for his Right to Rise political action committees, which he's using to make contributions to Republican Party leaders in presidential battlegrounds.

He is releasing a list of Republicans he's giving money to from his political action committee as he moves closer to launching his all-but-declared candidacy for president.

Unlike his PAC's contributions earlier this year to Republicans in early voting states, Bush is spreading $117,800 to lawmakers across the country and a Republican Party organization, the state GOP in swing-state Virginia.