2 boys in custody after bringing guns to Denver school

Photo: Skinner Middle School (AP Photo)
Cynthia and Sal Gonzales escort their daughter Rita away from Skinner Middle School, where three juveniles, two with guns, the other with a smoke device, were arrested, in Denver, Friday, April 10, 2015. No one was injured, and the school was on lockdown for about an hour, police said.

Three students — two found with guns, the other with some kind of device — are with police after causing a one-hour lockdown at a Denver middle school. No one was injured.

#SkinnerMS UPDATE: 2 juvenile suspects in custody for possession of a hand gun, & 3rd held for investigation of suspicious device. #Denver

Police say students reported the boys Friday to officials at Skinner Middle School, but officers didn't immediately release details about why they had the weapons and where they were found.

Police originally said the third student had a smoke device but later said they were still investigating what exactly it was.

The school was open after the lockdown, but some parents arrived to take their children home. The scene was calm, with families periodically leaving the school along with police investigators.

Watching many parents leaving #SkinnerMS after picking up their children. Tears, hugging.

One officer carried out a backpack in one hand and a paper bag in the other.