Landfill will move outside Erie if liquid waste deal fails

Front Range Landfill told Erie residents Tuesday they would move their proposed liquid waste facility a few hundred feet -- out of city limits to Weld County -- if the town turns their application, reports the Daily Camera.

The landfill has agreed not to accept fracking fluids in its proposed solidification facility because of local concerns.

But a district manager with the company told the paper that if the proposed facility moves to Weld County, some of the concessions might be negated:

"I want folks to know that if the town turns it down, that we will keep trying to make it happen," [landfill district manager Dan Gudgel] said. "It was not intended to be threatening, only transparent. I believe people would be upset if they didn't know."

In October, Gudgel said the solidification process offers an "environmentally responsible option" for oil companies. More than 80 percent of the state's oil is pumped in Weld County.