62-year-old literary litterer didn’t know ‘anybody even cared’ about his acts

U.S. 287 book dumper ID'd, says he had 'no idea it was a mystery' http://t.co/GWzq4dbIEb via @johnbearwithme pic.twitter.com/Xv54YCDuvp

Sixty-two-year-old Glenn Pladsen was charged with six counts of littering after cops pulled him over around 5:30 a.m. Thursday for tossing books out of his car window, reports the Longmont Times Call. Yes, after many months of questions, we now know who was throwing books onto U.S. 287.

"I didn't even know anybody even cared," Plasden told the paper after being reached at his work. But he explained his actions for the curious:

Pladsen said that he acquired thousands of books after a Boulder used bookstore closed about eight years ago and that he sold them online for a while but was unable to compete with Amazon.

"The way they sell their used books put all the used book sellers out," he said. "I was left with thousands of books in the house."

Plasden says he tried giving the books away and didn't want to take an extra trip to the dump on his way home from work. He also says that because of his arthritis, lifting the books over his head and into a dumpster wasn't possible.