Bennet, Gardner want more oversight of new VA hospital

May 7, 2015
Photo: Aurora VA Hospital construction April 2015 2 (AP Photo)AP
A worker walks at the construction site of the Veterans Affairs hospital Thursday, April 2, 2015, in Aurora, Colo. Veterans Affairs officials are trying to get the overdue, over-budget hospital back on track.

In a letter sent to the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Thursday, senators Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner asked for several "accountability measures," including having the VA submit monthly and quarterly spending and construction reports to Congress.

They also want the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office or another independent agency to review the final cost and construction schedule as well as a review of the Department of Veteran Affairs' guidelines for dealing with construction changes.

The request comes after a committee field hearing near the construction site of the half-finished hospital, which is now expected to cost $1.73 billion.