Fastest ‘Net service? Longmont’s NextLight beats out Google Fiber

<p>(Photo: Creative Commons)</p>
<p>A spliced fiberoptic cable.</p>

Longmont's not-for-profit electric and broadband utility has the fastest Internet service in the country, according to a Seattle-based speed testing company. That's up from third-fastest in U.S. as of late April, reports the Longmont Daily Times Call.

The service, NextLight, is funded by $40.3 million bond that the city issued in 2014. In 2013, Colorado Matters reported on how Longmont had to battle cable and Internet providers to earn the right to become an Internet provider.

Longmont Power & Communications is currently installing infrastructure for the service across the city, and has begun to connect some customers. A spokesman for the company promises that the service will maintain its download speed of 245.5 megabits per second, even as users are added.