No changes to Healthy Kids survey, Board of Education says

Photo: Youths smoke marijuana, Denver 4/20 rally, Civic Center Park, 2013(AP Photo)
Youths smoke marijuana at the Denver 4/20 pro-marijuana rally at Civic Center Park in Denver, Saturday, April 20, 2013.

Colorado school officials have decided to leave in place a youth risk survey — for now — despite complaints from some parents that the survey is too explicit. The state Board of Education was considering changing it Wednesday to require parents' permission.

The debate pitted privacy advocates against health authorities who said the state needs more data on how many kids use pot now that it's legal for adults over 21.

The range of questions also expanded in 2013, including questions about weapons brought to school, if a student has considered suicide or is depressed, or has tried marijuana. Some board members believed the questions were inappropriate.

Currently parents can opt their children out but don’t have to give permission.