More than 70 years later, prisoners of Colorado’s World War II internment camp return

This year, only two people who lived in Colorado's World War II internment camp, known as Amache, visited Granada, Colorado for their annual pilgrimage.

Bob Fuchigami, 85, was one and he told the New York Times about his time there 73 years ago:

Mr. Fuchigami recalled the armed guards, and the floodlights that interrupted each night’s sleep. At Amache, he said, he became intensely jealous of a kite he had fashioned from sticks and newspapers. “A kite can fly wherever it wants to go,” he said, noting the way it soared over the barbed wire as he remained inside.

The camp held 7,000 people at its peak, with a square mile of barracks. Seventy-one-year-old Jane Okubo, who also visited this year, told the paper that her fellow former Amache prisoners are "dying off."