Photos: Pages from Aurora theater shooter James Holmes’ notebook

Photo: Holmes notebook Why? repeated
A snippet from page 40 of Holmes' notebook. "Why?" is repeated for about seven pages.

Nearly 30 pages of James Holmes' writings were released Wednesday as part of the Aurora theater shooting trial. The highly anticipated document includes detailed plans to attack a movie theater, as well as first-person accounts of Holmes' struggles with mental health issues.

Holmes has admitted to killing 12 people at a midnight screening in July 2012. But he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Both the prosecution and the defense have focused on the contents of the notebook to argue their case. Below, a few images from the notebook:

On page 36, Holmes describes his "broken mind"
Photo: Holmes notebook obsession onset

On page 49, Holmes maps "Cinemark 16", the location of the shooting
Photo: Holmes notebook movie theater