RTD approves Denver bus, rail fare hike

May 27, 2015
Photo: East Colfax RTD busASSOCIATED PRESS
Passengers board a RTD bus in downtown Denver in a file photo.

The local one-way cash fare of $2.25 is set to rise to $2.60, while monthly passes will jump from $79 to $99. A new unlimited day pass will run $5.20. 

Here are more details from RTD: 

  • Regional bus and rail fares for $4.50 per boarding or $9 for a Regional Day Pass for unlimited Local and Regional trips, including those to and from Denver International Airport.
  • Day Passes priced at the cost of a round trip—eliminating the need for paper transfers—and available for purchase from printers on buses or ticket-vending machines at train stations.
  • An Airport fare of $9 – $4 lower than the current, highest SkyRide trip.
  • Fewer light rail zones, allowing more rail passengers to travel on a Local fare.
  • A zone-based system on bus routes, including the BRT corridor between Denver and Boulder.

Advocates for the poor protested the new fare structure, telling the Denver Post it was "fundamentally unjust."