Hick’s speechwriter, Max Potter, to quit, and co-write governor’s memoir

(Photo: CPR / Michael Hughes)
<p>Maximillian Potter</p>
Photo: Maximillian Potter
Maximillian Potter

Before joining Hickenlooper's staff, Potter was the executive editor of 5280 Magazine where he wrote an extensive -- and glowing -- profile of the governor.

"I think its clear in the piece that I think John Hickenlooper is pretty much the best governor we could hope to have, or that any state could hope to have," Potter said of his profile.

The memoir, titled "The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics," will be published next May, the governor's office announced. And though politicians often release memoirs in advance of a run for higher office, Hickenlooper told CPR's Ryan Warner last month that he's not interested in being Hillary Clinton's running mate as some have speculated.