A Few Years In, Fountain Police Seeing Benefits Of Body Cameras

Body cameras have been a hot topic lately, with high-profile shootings in Ferguson, Mo. and beyond prompting advocates to call for more police officers to wear them.

Outside of Colorado Springs in Fountain though, the police department has been experimenting with them since 2008 and began officially using them in 2013.

Lt. Tommy Coates told the Gazette that most citizen complaints are resolved in the officer's favor after reviewing video footage.

Officer Amanda Hajdik says there are some intangibles that body cameras still don't capture, like someone tensing their arms to get in a fight. Haley added that cameras can't pick up on the fear that an officer feels in situations that may result in a shooting.

Overall though, the department says they like the technology. Officer Hajdik said she "100 percent" supports the use of body cameras.