At Least Three Homes Destroyed By Tornadoes

Photo: Berthoud tornado damage 6.5.15 (AP)
Debris is scattered in and outside a half-gutted home after the previous night's tornado, southwest of the town of Berthoud, Colo., Friday, June 5, 2015.

Posted 8 a.m. | Updated 12 p.m.

At least three homes were destroyed were destroyed by two tornadoes that struck down near Berthoud last night, reports the Daily Camera. Officials say that at least 14 other homes were damaged by the tornadoes.

Brandon Scott's home southwest of Berthoud was totaled by one of Thursday's tornadoes. The house is missing part of the roof and exterior walls. Couches and kids’ toys sit inside soaked from last night’s storm.

“It’s the first one I happened to see in person, and, yeah, happened to see if from the wrong angle,” Scott said.

His yard is scattered with debris including a trailer that was flipped upside down. The storm also downed power lines and led to road closures in the area.

The Front Range will see a brief reprieve after severe weather ripped through the area overnight, but more storms are forecasted to move in Friday afternoon.

"Storms will probably be moving a little bit faster than yesterday," said Chad Gimmestad with the National Weather Service in Boulder. He said the conditions are right for localized flash flooding, tornadoes and hail.

"Really, about anything could happen this afternoon," he said.

A flash flood warning is in effect from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday for much of the Front Range. Gimmestad said some areas in Larimer and Boulder counties that were devastated by flooding in September 2013 saw up to 6 inches of rain last night.

County officials there have closed roads due to high water. South Boulder Creek was running high but remained in its banks, the sheriff's office there reported.

Front Range weather will remain choppy through the weekend before clearing up next week, Gimmestad said.