Aspen Senior Citizen Caught In Marijuana Brownie Probe

June 8, 2015

An 84-year-old woman has been falsely accused of handing out cannabis-infused baked goods at a Memorial Day barbecue.

The Aspen Times reports Antoinette Jaworski had been passing out her individually wrapped homemade brownies and pumpkin bread at the barbecue in Aspen when she was interrogated by police.

Police had arrived after receiving a call that Jaworski's treats may have had marijuana in them. Their report states that Jaworski became uncooperative and would not give up information. But when police tested the brownies, the results came back negative.

Jaworski says the officers' questions had implied that she was doing something illegal.

Police Chief Richard Pryor says cases like these reflect the challenges that have come about since Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2014.

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