Videos: Thompson’s ‘Gonzo’ Moments With Letterman, Conan, Keith Richards And More

<p>(Courtesy Anita Thompson)</p>
<p>Anita Thompson says: “Hunter and me on his birthday. I woke him up early for birthday cake.”</p>

"Dr." Hunter S. Thompson made a name for himself as a tradition-breaking journalist, and as a peculiar personality, long before YouTube. But video clips of him and his antics are all over social media now. We've posted four safe-for-work-listening moments that stand out for us.

David Letterman hosted Thompson numerous times. In this 1987 clip from "Late Night," the host attempts to get the writer to open up about how he got the "Dr." honorific ahead of his name. Thompson brushes off the question as beyond bounds, suggesting that they shouldn't talk about Letterman's teeth, either.

Thompson interviews Keith Richards in Aspen: To get the Rolling Stones guitarist to come to the hotel room door, Thompson rigs a megaphone to a tape deck playing the sounds of squealing pigs. The interview itself? Well, it's a bit tough to follow along in places ...