Fort Carson Will Lose 365 Soldiers In Pentagon Cutbacks, Says Rep. Lamborn

(Photo: CPR/Eric Whitney)
<p>Defense cuts could affect thousands of soldiers at Fort Carson. </p>

U.S. Army troop reductions announced Thursday will largely spare Fort Carson, located near Colorado Springs.

In the worst-case scenario, Fort Carson could have lost 16,000 soldiers as part of the Army’s troop reduction. However, according to a video statement from Colorado Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn, just 365 soldiers will be eliminated.

“Although no one likes any reductions, when you compare that to the rest of the country where they’re seeing much bigger reductions that is a real win for our community,” Lamborn said.

The troop cuts have been expected for months as the army adjusts to financial constraints and fewer active conflicts. The Army says it plans to eliminate 40,000 soldiers from its ranks by 2017.