Armed Combat Veterans Guard American Flag In Colorado Springs

Courtesy David Shankbone
Colorado Springs City Hall in February of 2008. 

Armed #COSprings combat veterans guard American flag

Two military veterans in Colorado Springs settled into lawn chairs Tuesday night to guard the flag flying above City Hall. The action came in response to a flag burning the night before.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports Travis Weston, 26 and John, 21, who did not issue his last name because he is an active-duty soldier, came armed with energy drinks and handguns. They told the paper that they "pity the fool" who dares to disrespect the flag.

"I hope we make a point to whoever did it," said Weston. "If not, I'll be here every night and I'll be tired."

A security guard said the flag burned around 5:15 a.m. Tuesday. It was found melted on the grass behind a statue similar to the Statue of Liberty. Police spokeswoman Lt. Catherine Buckley said her department believes someone cut the flag from the pole, but has no clues as to who committed the act or why.

Weston hopes other veterans take shifts to provide the flag full-protection--something he says would "show how serious we are and make a point."