Illness Slows Sentencing At The Aurora Theater Shooting Trial

<p>(Colorado Judicial Department via AP, Pool)</p>
<p>Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, top third from left in light-colored shirt, stands for the entrance of the jury, inside Arapahoe County District Court. </p>

Sentencing procedures in the trial of Aurora theater shooter James Holmes have been canceled for Friday because a juror is ill. Meanwhile, another juror was questioned for wearing a t-shirt depicting an execution.

Judge Carlos Samour Jr. called off court Friday after the weary-sounding juror told him she had a sinus infection and felt miserable.

Attorneys for both sides didn't want to dismiss her at this late stage, so Samour asked her if she thought she would feel better by Monday. She said she probably would, so Samour told jurors to return then.

Before Samour dismissed the court, defense attorneys mentioned media coverage of an alternate juror who wore a heavy-metal t-shirt baring a man being electrocuted. The clothing choice was conspicuous since jurors are hearing arguments on whether Holmes should be sentenced to death.

The juror told Samour that he wasn't trying to send a message. He said he had grabbed the shirt without thinking because he was running late. As an alternate, he didn't help convict Holmes and wouldn't have a say in the sentence unless another juror can't continue.