Interview: Conductor Brawell Tovey Leads the New York Philharmonic At Bravo! Vail

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Photo: Bramwell Tovey, conductor
Conductor Bramwell Tovey

Conductor, pianist and composer Bramwell Tovey led the New York Philharmonic in a memorable concert and live broadcast on July 26 at Bravo! Vail.

Tovey, who serves as music director of the Vancouver Symphony and frequently conducts the New York Phil, spoke with CPR Classical shortly before the concert in Vail. Click the audio above to hear the interview. Highlights:

On growing as a conductor

"I was 30 years old when I first conducted the London Symphony Orchestra and a terrifying experience it was. And I probably had a lot of inattention but over the years--I’ve just tried to get rid of that and just concentrate very much on the music. It’s all about the music. Nothing else matters."

On conducting the New York Philharmonic

"The New York Philharmonic has this amazing esprit de corps when the performance starts. ... Every concert in front of the New York Philharmonic is a privilege for the conductor."

On the New York Philharmonic at Bravo! Vail

"Here you get the New York Philharmonic on tour but in family mode...Vail is special because they bring their families. And that actually makes, I think for the whole ambience of the festival, that’s what makes it so nice."