Tivoli Returns To Historic Brewery Building This Weekend

(Photo: Courtesy Library of Congress)
<p>The Tivoli Brewing Company was a prominent brewery in Denver&#039;s early years. </p>
Photo: Tivoli Brewing Company
The Tivoli Brewing Company was a prominent brewery in Denver's early years.

The Denver brewery, which shut down in 1969 before being reborn in 2012, officially moves back into its historic home on the Auraria campus near downtown Denver this weekend. A grand opening is set for 4 p.m. Saturday.

The refurbished brewery building, currently a student union for the three colleges based at the Auraria campus, will become the first full-production brewery on a college campus.

Metropolitan State University, one of those three schools, is ramping its beer industry operations program to coincide with Tivoli's rebirth. Students will learn the ins and outs of the beer industry inside the brewery.

“When we considered pursuing this endeavor, we saw the educational opportunities it would create for students, current employees and craft brewers as a whole and we knew it was a win-win for all those involved,” Corey Marshall, founder and chief executive officer for the Tivoli Brewing Company, said in a press release.