In The Holmes Trial, First Responders Suffered As Well

We're following the the formal sentencing hearing today in the trial of James Holmes, already convicted of killing 12 people three years ago in the Aurora theater shooting. As part of that, Megan Verlee transcribed this quote from Aurora Police Commander Mike Daley. It's a reminder that first responders to the massacre were victims as well.:

"The continued exposure to the sorrow and victimization of the families has had it's toll also. Members of our department suffer from a number of problems: depression, alcohol abuse. We have marital problems going on, and mental and physical health problems, all attributed to this event, Our officers and staff continue to receive counseling for an event that is forever seared into the memory of many of us. We know from prior events such as this that we will continue to see effects of this event for years to come. We are anticipating further and ongoing issues in our department, including the possibility of suicide by our own officers."

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