Longmont’s IndyCar Driver Justin Wilson Dies Of Head Injury

Justin Wilson
<p>(AP Photo)</p>
<p>Longmont resident Justin Wilson, of England, in Aug. 23, 2015 at the Pocono IndyCar 500 auto race. </p>
Photo: Justin Wilson, IndyCar driver, being airlifted Aug. 23, 2015
A helicopter lifts off at Pocono Raceway carrying race car driver Justin Wilson, of England, after he was involved in a crash during the Pocono IndyCar 500 auto race Sunday, Aug. 23, 2015, in Long Pond, Pa.

Photo: Justin Wilson, IndyCar Driver (AP/File)Wilson is a British driver who lived in Longmont, Colorado. He was hit in the head during Sunday's race by piece of debris that had broken off another car. Wilson's car veered into an interior wall at the track, and he was swiftly taken by helicopter to an Allentown, Pennsylvania, hospital.