Rocky Mountain National Park Marks 100 Years With A Rededication

(Photo: Courtesy National Park Service)
<p>A National Park Service ranger looking through binoculars from the Fire Lookout Station at Twin Sisters Peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park, 1916.</p>
Photo: Rocky Mountain National Park archive climber
Mountain climbing Eagle Cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park, August 1963.

This 11 a.m. ceremony is the culmination of a year of events around the park’s centennial. President Woodrow Wilson established Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915, a year before the creation of the National Parks Service itself.

Although it was scaled back by the time a bill establishing the park was signed into law on Jan. 26, 1915, the park was originally conceived as a preserve that would have stretched from the Wyoming border all the way to Mt. Evans west of Denver. More than 3 million people visited the park last year. That made it the fifth most popular destination in the national parks system.