Legal Weed In Colorado Doesn’t Curb Alcohol Sales

<p>(Nathaniel Minor/CPR News)</p>
<p>Dried marijuana buds at a Colorado grower.</p>

Legal marijuana in Colorado hasn't cut into alcohol sales. That's according to figures reported as Colorado prepares a one-day waiver of some marijuana taxes on Wednesday.

The final tax numbers cover the first full fiscal year in which adults over 21 could legally buy both marijuana and alcohol.

Alcohol excise tax collections were up 2.4 percent, to about $42 million. Marijuana-specific taxes came in at about $70 million.

But those figures don't count overall statewide 2.9 percent sales taxes. In other words, alcohol likely produces more overall tax money than pot.

Recreational pot is taxed 27.9 percent. Alcohol is taxed by volume, ranging from 8 cents a gallon for beer to $2.28 a gallon for liquor.