New Bill Could Endanger Funding For Aurora VA Hospital

An eleventh hour legislative showdown over bonuses could endanger funding for the over-budget Veteran Affairs medical center project in Aurora.

Florida Rep. Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Committee on Veteran's Affairs, has introduced a bill that takes $200 million from awards and bonuses paid to VA employees to pay for the final infusion of cash for the hospital project.

Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman, a fellow Republican, represents the district where the project is being built. He says while he supports the sentiment behind the bill, he says time is running out to fund it.

“I’m very concerned about this. We’ve got to make sure that above all else that we do not have a shutdown,” he said.

He says the battle over bonuses could lead to a work stoppage on the project, potentially costing $100 million.

Top former officials, some who received bonuses, are being blamed for mismanagement of the project. Money for construction on the $1.7 billion medical center is set to run out this week.