Newsweek: ‘Schizophrenic’ Colorado Is ‘The Future Of Politics’

<p>(Courtesy of IBT Media)</p>
Picture: Newsweek Cover Colorado Oct. 2015 (C/O)

Newsweek's latest cover story.

Why? Well, with conservative Christian enclaves, gun restrictions hotly contested by a pro-gun contingent, millennials and weed taking root across the state, Colorado is "a schizophrenic state of political contradictions," the story says.

It's ultimately up to the reader to decide whether that's good or bad. But Democratic political consultant Craig Hughes suggests to the magazine that all the political schizophrenia makes Colorado a bastion of compromise:

"The goal of politics here is ‘Don’t mess up my life.’ So people push for real solutions. We have seen far more bipartisan cooperation than in other states."