Audit Gives Thumbs Up To DIA’s Emergency Plan

<p>(Nathan Heffel/CPR News)</p>
<p>Reflection of the Denver International Airport terminal in 2015</p>
Photo: DIA reflection
Reflection of the Denver International Airport terminal in 2015

audit says Denver International Airport's plan to deal with emergencies is good, but could use some improvements too.

Auditors monitored an active shooter simulation this summer. And they agreed the airport is well-prepared, with a staff of more than 300 devoted to emergency management. But they offered some suggestions for tracking lessons learned to avoid repeating mistakes.

An airport official told the Denver audit committee on Thursday they constantly drill for different scenarios.

"I have worked in probably a dozen airports across this country, and we are by far better prepared any disaster than any of those," said Dave LaPorte, DIA’s vice president of airport operations.