Denver Homeless Activists Keep Up Push For Tiny House Village

Land at 26th and Lawrence the former site of an urban farm and public housing. recently sold to a private developer

Homeless activists in downtown Denver aren't giving up their fight to build a village of tiny houses.

Denver Homeless Out Loud has been trying to establish housing on a large empty lot. The activists defied an eviction notice for a tent village on the land Thursday morning.

The city has now granted them a grace period until Dec. 20. And City Council member Albus Brooks has vowed to help them find a place to relocate.

"If we don't have a place to go, where are we suppose to live? Move along to where? All we are asking is a plot of land for these tiny home villages," said Mike Hildenbrand, with the homelessness group.

The camp is on land that's been public housing, a park, and a urban farm. The Denver Housing Authority recently sold the plot to a private developer.