CU-Boulder Bans Hoverboards In Campus Residence Halls

#CUBoulder bans hoverboards from dorms, citing safety via @SarahKuta

Though CU-Boulder students returned from winter break this week, the university has taken a step to ensure their new hoverboards have not. The devices are now banned from campus residence halls.

Students learned about the ban via email over winter break:

It has come to our attention that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has initiated an investigation into the fire risks associated with hoverboards. In light of the numerous fires associated with hoverboards and the actions being taken by major retailers and airlines, hoverboards will not be permitted in residence halls starting January 1. We understand that some may have received these as gifts this holiday season, however, the safety of our residents is paramount and this is a step to continue to deliver on that principle.

It's a move that Katie Theiler, spokeswoman for CU's Housing and Dining Services say is in line with other universities.

"Their issues kind of became more public in the media around the holiday time frame since it was slated to be a very popular gift, so that is about the time frame that we became more aware of any safety concerns," she said.

The ban comes amid news that at least 10 hoverboards have burst into flames and that the federal government is looking into the matter.

However, the hoverboards are still allowed on campus sidewalks or in crosswalks, according to university police. To date, they say there have been no problems involving the devices