Denver Police Reject Audit’s Call To Collect Demographic Data

A Denver audit found the city police department could address concerns of racial profiling by collecting more data.

The Denver auditor's office found about a third of the city believes racial profiling by police is a big problem.

Chart: Denver Community Perception of police

So the auditor urged DPD to collect demographic data not just on arrests, but all community interactions.

But Deputy Chief David Quinones says that would be bad policing because the department would turn thousands of "potentially positive contacts" into negative contacts "by having to elicit personal information from people."

He also said allegations of bias are minuscule.

But audit committee member Jeff Hart said more data could alleviate the perceived racial profiling problem.

"For the public that’s reality, I mean, it doesn’t matter what the real story is, and the data is the only thing that’s going to show what the real story is," Hart said.

DPD says it has no plans to begin collecting demographic data.